Getting rich is a famous traditional dish of Han nationality in Guangdong. For southerners, the “good color” of the new year is more important than anything else, so some “special new year dishes” are formed. This dish is a traditional must-have dish for the Spring Festival. It is made of Nostoc flagelliforme, pig leg and lettuce, with South milk, five spice powder, soy sauce, sugar, salt and other seasonings. The gravy is delicious and the meat is tender and smooth.


1 / 2 pig hands
2 mushrooms
2 fragrant leaves
1 / 2 octagons
1 small piece of cinnamon
4 g prickly ash
2 dry red peppers
1 piece of ginger
Moderate amount of partridge eggs
20 ml soy sauce
10m   l veteran
5g salt
5 ml yellow rice wine
5 ml vinegar
Appropriate amount of water
5 g rock sugar


Step 1
Get the materials ready

Step 2
Wash the pig's hands and put them into the pot. Add proper amount of water and ginger to blanch the blood

Step 3
Then put all the materials into the electric pressure cooker and mix well

Step 4
Press the tendon button