Seeing that there are strings of bright red peppers on the street, I quickly bought some and went home to make minced garlic chili sauce. Garlic chili sauce can be said to be a universal sauce. It can be used to mix noodles or stir fry vegetables. It is very delicious. The spicy and rich flavor makes people drool. The making method of this sauce was learned from a Hunan sister of the unit


650g fresh pepper
100g ginger
150g garlic
25g sugar
50g salt
40 grams of Baijiu


Step 1
The fresh pepper shall be washed without scar and injury and dried in the air (the pepper shall be washed with water and not soaked. If soaked in water, the pepper will absorb some water. It is very important to clean the pepper and then dry it in the air)

Step 2
Prepare the ingredients and peel the garlic

Step 3
Peel the pepper and cut it into small pieces

Step 4
Cut the garlic into two pieces

Step 5
Cut ginger into coarse grains

Step 6
Put the diced chili into the cooking machine

Step 7
Stir it into pieces (don't be too broken, just a little bit like chili)

Step 8
Add garlic and ginger and stir into pieces

Step 9
Pour all ingredients into the basin, pour salt and sugar, and stir well

Step 10
Stand still for 15 minutes

Step 11
Put it in a bottle and pour it into the baijiu. After fermenting at room temperature for 2 days, put it in the refrigerator for two weeks, and you can eat it. (the bottle should be boiled in boiling water and then dried until there is no water or oil)