I want to eat eggs, and I want to eat them as pickles. I also like the taste of garlic. Only this cold egg has a delicious aftertaste!


(cooked) 2 native eggs
2 tablespoons cooked vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
6 garlic


Step 1
My garlic pump is small. I can only break one egg. I use the salt of one egg. Look at the picture, just a little. Don't put too much

Step 2
Three cloves of garlic are just right for one egg

Step 3
Mashed garlic

Step 4
Mash a cooked egg seed skin inside, and then add cooked vegetable oil. I use peanut oil. You can also enlarge soybean oil and emphasize that it must be cold cooked oil. Or it will taste bad.

Step 5
There is also an egg with the above steps. Mix it in a bowl. It's so delicious. This is very authentic.