This dish is made without a drop of oil. Chicken wings have always been my favorite dish. This dish has a large number of garlic mixed with peanuts, crushed and cooked sesame, unique flavor, rich flavor, charred skin and smooth meat, beautiful and attractive color


500g chicken wings
25g mashed garlic
35g crushed peanuts
20G sesame
5g salt
25 grams of Baijiu
10g celery
10g onion
11g lemon juice


Step 1
Wash the chicken wings and control the water. Cut the inside of the chicken wings with a knife

Step 2
Add the celery, cut the onion and cut the ginger, and then squeeze the water. Pour the Baijiu into the salt. Mix well and marinate for 20 minutes

Step 3
Marinated chicken wings

Step 4
Put the frying pan on the fire, fry over medium heat, and add chicken wings

Step 5
Do not pour oil into the frying pan, fry until both sides are brown

Step 6
Then stand up and fry. The whole is burnt yellow, just fine

Step 7
Fried minced garlic, crushed peanuts and cooked sesame

Step 8
Pour into the pot together, stir evenly, and then sprinkle a little chili noodles

Step 9
succeed. It tastes good