Because children love to eat garlic and vermicelli steamed scallops inside the garlic and vermicelli, later found that and ant tree can be merged.


150g sweet potato vermicelli
1 head of garlic
100g minced meat
1 spoonful of soy sauce
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
2 tbsp steamed fish and soy sauce
1 g salt
1 teaspoon starch
1 g Sugar


Step 1
Peel garlic, wash, cut vermicelli short and soak in cold water

Step 2
Put the starch on the meat and stir well. Cut the garlic into minced garlic

Step 3
Heat the pan, pour the oil and stir fry the garlic until fragrant. Turn it into light golden yellow

Step 4
Continue to add meat, stir fry, add salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, steamed fish, soy sauce

Step 5
Pour in the vermicelli and stir fry until soft

Step 6
Take out the pot and put it on the plate