Chrysanthemum, namely Penghao, is a delicious dish on the table. Seedlings or tender stems and leaves are used for raw frying, cold mixing and making soup. Up to now, they are durable. In ancient times, chrysanthemum was a palace delicacy, so it was also called emperor cuisine. In addition to edible when the stems and leaves are tender, the roots, stems, leaves and flowers of chrysanthemum can be used as medicine. It has the effects of clearing blood, nourishing the heart, reducing blood pressure, moistening the lungs and clearing phlegm.


A handful of Chrysanthemum
Appropriate amount of minced garlic
Appropriate amount of salad oil
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of chicken essence


Step 1
Cut section of Chrysanthemum

Step 2
Cut four or five cloves of garlic into minced garlic

Step 3
Heat the oil pan and fry the minced garlic until fragrant

Step 4
Put the chrysanthemum in

Step 5
Add some salt and stir fry

Step 6
Stir fry and add chicken essence

Step 7
Stir well out of the pot