When I have nothing to do, I like to eat salad. The ingredients at home are a delicious salad!


Half a Beibei pumpkin
Four small potatoes
2 boiled eggs
75g lettuce
75g purple cabbage
100g small tomato
75g cooked corn kernels
Lemon salad dressing


Step 1
Brush the pumpkin and potatoes clean;

Step 2
Cut into large pieces and put them on the baking pan;

Step 3
Put it into the oven, bake at 190 ℃ for 30 minutes, and cool it after roasting;

Step 4
Cook the eggs in a pot and let them cool;

Step 5
Wash the lettuce, purple cabbage and small tomato, and soak them in light salt water for 10-15 minutes;

Step 6
Dry the soaked vegetables;

Step 7
Peel the cooked corn kernels for standby;

Step 8
Cut lettuce and purple cabbage into large pieces and put them on a plate;

Step 9
Cut the boiled egg and small tomato in half and set aside;

Step 10
Put the roasted pumpkin and small potato on the lettuce and purple cabbage;

Step 11
Then put boiled eggs and small tomatoes, and sprinkle corn kernels;

Step 12
Drizzle with lemon salad dressing.