As an alkaline food, potatoes should be eaten more, but there are too many methods of potatoes, such as green pepper, shredded potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, cumin potato pieces… There are many. Sometimes there are too many choices. I really don’t know which is better.


Three potatoes
90g carrot
90g celery
2 ham sausage
30ml edible oil
20G edible salt
100g flour
1 egg


Step 1
For the ingredients, wash the potatoes first, cut them into pieces, dice the carrots, celery and ham sausage respectively, and cut them as small as possible

Step 2
Steam the potatoes in the pot for 30 minutes, let them cool, and grind them into mud with a spoon to form mashed potatoes

Step 3
Pour diced carrots, celery and ham sausage into mashed potatoes and stir

Step 4
Then add the flour, pour the scattered eggs into the mashed potatoes, fully mix the flour and eggs with all the materials, add salt, and then mix to taste the salt. After mixing, stand for 10 minutes

Step 5
Hot pot, cold oil, low fire, don't pour too much oil. Look at the amount of cake to cut off the oil. After all, whether it is fried or not. Rub the mashed potatoes round and put them into the pot, fry one side and then fry the other