This is an appetizer suitable for all ages, especially in summer. The fragrance of fruit vinegar is refreshing. Lettuce, carrot, tofu skin. All contain various trace elements during children’s growth, which have a significant impact on mental and physical development and even emotional adjustment. Children’s eating can improve immune ability and promote physical and intellectual development.


100g lettuce
100g tofu skin
100g carrot
Appropriate amount of lvjie apple vinegar


Step 1
After washing the ingredients, peel the carrot and lettuce respectively

Step 2
Then use the fruit knife to remove the thin slices of carrot and lettuce meat

Step 3
Put 2 into a bowl, rinse with cold boiled water, drain the water and marinate with fruit vinegar

Step 4
The tofu skin is changed into a knife two fingers wide

Step 5
Blanch in boiling water

Step 6
Open the cold river with cool white water and drain the water

Step 7
Put the tofu skin into step 3, drop a few drops of sesame oil, mix well and serve

Step 8
Make a shape when loading the plate, and it is more edible when serving