It’s winter recently, and my appetite is getting bigger and bigger. Almost every meal is inseparable from meat or fried food. I was afraid of indigestion after eating too much. I inadvertently thought of one of grandma’s treasures: fermented glutinous rice.


A Tremella
More than a dozen Lycium barbarum
An egg
A box of mash
1L clear water


Step 1
Prepare the materials ~ there are many brands in the fermented glutinous rice market, which are not very different ~ if you have time, it is recommended to do it yourself

Step 2
Soak Tremella in cold water for two or three hours. After washing, remove the pedicle and tear it into small pieces for standby.

Step 3
Add water to the pot and bring to a boil. Add tremella and medlar and cook over medium low heat for about half an hour

Step 4
Just cook Tremella until it has colloid ~ you can cook it for a while according to your preference~

Step 5
Pour the mash in ~ continue to cook over medium low heat for about five minutes

Step 6
Break up the eggs and set aside

Step 7
After the egg flower is put into the pot, it can be boiled once~

Step 8
It's delicious to nourish your face and promote digestion. It's really a sacred product in the world ~ eat it