Fruit pudding


Jelly powder
Orange Juice


Step 1
Mix the jelly powder and orange juice in the ratio of 1:50, and then stir well with a spoon

Step 2
Because the juice already contains enough water, you don't need to add water, but you need to add some sugar, because the flavor of juice is not very heavy, if you don't like to eat sweet, you don't need to add it

Step 3
Put the mixed liquid into a small pot to boil, then turn off the heat (Note: keep stirring during heating), wait until it cools down a little, then pour it into the prepared mold

Step 4
You can put all kinds of fruits in the mold according to your different taste

Step 5
Put the jelly mold in the refrigerator and let it stand for a few hours. When it's completely set, you can take it out and eat it