Fruit Cheesecake


Egg 10g
50g sugar
2 teaspoons juice
20G butter
250g peach crisp


Step 1
First, warm the cream cheese and eggs at room temperature, take a fresh-keeping bag to break the peach crisp and crush it with a rolling pin. Melt the butter in the pot (the peach crisp itself contains a lot of oil, so the amount of butter should be reduced as appropriate. One third is enough). After the butter melts, pour in the peach crisp and mix well. You can also add one or two spoonfuls of milk until the peach crisp can stick together and pour it into the cake grinder, Use hand to press gently; When pressing by hand, you should pay attention to scalding, not pressing too tightly, so as to ensure that the finished product is very crisp and loose, and surround it with your favorite fruit;

Step 2
Take two clean, waterless and oil-free containers and whisk the cheese and cream separately;

Step 3
Mix the beaten cheese and cream evenly, or add some fruit grains according to your preference. Stir evenly and put them into the cake grinding tool decorated before to smooth the surface;

Step 4
Refrigerate for about 6 hours and wait... When demoulding, you can use a hair dryer or hot towel to surround the four sides for a minute or two, and then decorate them at will. I sprinkle a layer of dark chocolate chips, and the taste will be bitter and sweet