My children love to eat, every time they go out to the store to buy, personal feeling outside is not very sanitary! Now there are fresh Hawthorn in Guangdong supermarket this season, so I learned to make this sugar hawthorn. After many experiments, I have mastered some skills


500g Hawthorn
200 grams of white sugar
Appropriate amount of water
A spoonful of corn starch
2 drops of white vinegar


Step 1
First wash off the surface dirt with clean water, and then soak it with clean water and salt for not less than 30 minutes. If necessary, add fruit and vegetable lotion and other cleaning agents to increase the dissolution of pesticides. In this way, most of the pesticide residues can be removed after 2-3 times of cleaning and soaking.

Step 2
Hawthorn to pedicel to stem, clean, do not break the skin, dry skin moisture.

Step 3
Sugar into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, soak sugar can be. Boil the sugar in low heat

Step 4
Wait for sugar to boil up dense bubbles, and then draw slightly. Pay attention to stir when boiling sugar, do not boil yellow.

Step 5
Add 2 drops of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of corn starch. Stir well to make the sugar juice slightly white. Turn off the heat.

Step 6
When the sugar juice is slightly cool, pour in hawthorn (not too cold for a long time, otherwise the sugar juice will crystallize). Stir fry until the sugar juice is evenly wrapped with hawthorn.

Step 7
Stir fry until the sugar juice is evenly wrapped with a thick layer, ready to load.

Step 8
Put it on a plate and let it cool.