The feeling of not going out for more than 20 days is really longing for a broad world. Today, there is a clear sky, blue sky and white clouds. Open the window for ventilation and absorb some fresh air. I really want to go out and blow the wind. Suddenly, I found that the community is still strengthening the closed door. Safety is the most important. It is the safest to stay at home. Only when I am safe, my relatives can be safe and stick to the final victory. Today’s lunch, shrimp fried zucchini, the children are greedy for this dish. It’s served in three minutes. It’s light and refreshing. It’s appetizer. It’s on CD in minutes.


Right amount of shrimp
1 zucchini
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt
Proper amount of pepper
Quantity: onion, ginger and garlic
Proper cooking wine
A little starch
A little oyster sauce
A little sugar


Step 1
Soak zucchini in light salt water for about 10 minutes, wash it repeatedly, remove the top of both ends and cut it into pieces. Don't cut it too thin, otherwise it tastes bad.

Step 2
The shrimps are slowly thawed in cold water at room temperature. After thawing, wash them again. Check to see if the shrimp line is clean. Then wash it again and again, control the water, and marinate it with a little cooking wine and starch for about 5 minutes.

Step 3
Peel the scallions, ginger and garlic, wash and cut them into pieces. Add an appropriate amount of oil in the frying pan, saute the chopped scallions and ginger, slide them into the pickled shrimps and stir fry until the shrimps change color.

Step 4
Add zucchini slices, throw a few carrot slices by the way, stir fry until they break, and only put a few carrot slices to improve color and nutrition.

Step 5
Add salt, pepper, sugar, a little oyster sauce and a little minced garlic to taste. Turn off the heat.

Step 6
A light and delicious home style stir fry pot, crispy, tender and refreshing, appetizer, old people and children love to eat.