Are you like me?


1 lunch meat
1 zucchini
Half a spoonful of salt
Half a spoonful of sugar
Half a spoonful of chicken powder


Step 1
Take the lunch meat out of the refrigerator, lift the lid and buckle it out with auxiliary tools ~ I just made a sandwich in the morning and left half a box~

Step 2
Cut into thin slices of about 3-5mm and try to be the same as the slice of Zucchini ~ you can see the full meat when cutting

Step 3
A zucchini, do not peel. After washing, remove the inedible parts of the head and tail ~ if the seeds are too mature, you can remove the seeds

Step 4
It doesn't need to be seeded normally, and the taste is very good ~ cut into thin pieces the same size as the lunch meat~

Step 5
Put edible oil into the pot. If you are not a non stick pot, you must remember that hot pot and cold oil are the secret of non stick

Step 6
Otherwise, you will get a pot, like me, with shredded meat on it ~ but this indirectly proves that the lunch meat is meat ~ ha ha

Step 7
Add zucchini slices and stir fry until they are obviously soft. If your teeth are bad, you can put less water to cook

Step 8
Add a little salt, sugar and chicken powder to taste. Before adding salt, be sure to check whether your lunch meat contains salt. Don't be too salty~