My daughter went to school. She didn’t have to cook at noon. She sent her back and ran directly to the park for two laps.


90 wonton skins
300g celery
300g pork stuffing
Proper amount of fungus
20G scallion
1 teaspoon cooking wine
10g ginger
Proper amount of pepper
Proper soy sauce
Proper oyster sauce
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper sesame oil
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Main ingredients: wonton skin, pork stuffing, celery, fungus

Step 2
Put the chopped green onion and ginger into the meat filling, and add seasonings such as salt, white pepper, oyster sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine and edible oil in turn

Step 3
Add seasoning and mix well.

Step 4
Clean the celery and blanch it in boiling water

Step 5
Blanched celery and agaric were finely chopped

Step 6
Put the cut celery and fungus into the meat filling, pour sesame oil on it, and mix well to form the filling. (there is no water when mixing pork stuffing, so don't squeeze water with celery)

Step 7
Take a wonton peel and add an appropriate amount of stuffing

Step 8
Fold in half and pinch tight

Step 9
Roll it up once and squeeze the two corners against each other

Step 10
Wrap everything in turn. (pack more at a time, put it in a box and freeze it in the refrigerator. When eating, take it out and fry or boil it directly)

Step 11
Brush the frying pan with a little edible oil. Code the wrapped wonton in a frying pan in turn until there is a slight yellow GA at the bottom of the wonton.

Step 12
Add an appropriate amount of water to one third of wonton. (in case of frozen wonton, the water volume shall be up to half of wonton)

Step 13
Cover quickly and simmer over medium low heat.

Step 14
Fry until the water in the pan is dry, sprinkle some chopped green onion and black sesame, and fry over low heat for one minute.

Step 15
Finished products.