This is a Guangdong snack. After my improvement, it is still salty, fragrant, soft and waxy. It tastes great.


500g radish
150g (d) beef
100g fresh mushrooms
100g clam meat
50g Haimi
100g sticky rice flour
50g raw meal
150ml yellow rice wine
5 ml Baijiu
3 g salt
50g rock sugar
Appropriate amount of scallion
1g pepper


Step 1
First wash and soak the clam meat, soak it soft, and then dice it for use. Keep the water for soaking clam meat

Step 2
Soak the sea rice in yellow rice wine. After soaking, take it out and squeeze out the excess water for standby

Step 3
Wash the mushrooms, blanch them in boiling water, soak them in cold water, dice them for standby, and keep the blanched water

Step 4
Cut the beef into the Baijiu flavor.

Step 5
Scrape the radish into shreds and set aside

Step 6
Cool oil in a hot pot, add diced beef and fry until white

Step 7
Add clam meat, sea rice, mushrooms, 1g salt, 25g rock sugar and pepper powder, fry until fragrant, and set aside

Step 8
Put the water soaked in clam meat into the pot, add shredded radish, add the remaining salt and sugar, and cook until the shredded radish is transparent

Step 9
After the shredded radish is boiled into a transparent shape, put in the seasoning just fried. Stir to make it mixed evenly

Step 10
Mix sticky rice flour and raw flour, add an appropriate amount of water for soaking clam meat and blanching mushroom, and stir with flour to form a paste

Step 11
Cool the fried material, put it into the adjusted sticky rice flour, stir evenly, apply oil on the bottom of the bowl, so that it can be poured out after steaming and forming. Steam over high heat for 45 minutes

Step 12
Cool the steamed turnip cake, pour it out and cut it into pieces, sprinkle it with small scallions and put it on a plate