Mushroom and rape is a classic home cooked dish. Today I made an upgraded version of mushroom and rape with vermicelli and carrots. The side dishes are richer and taste better.


3 rape
4 mushrooms
1 handful of fans
Half a carrot
Proper amount of salt
Proper oil
1 onion
4 ginger slices
Several garlic cloves
Proper raw extract
Proper oyster sauce


Step 1
The fans are soaked in boiling water in advance.

Step 2
Wash and cut the rape.

Step 3
Half a carrot and four mushrooms.

Step 4
Cut the scallions into sections, slice the ginger and garlic, and get ready.

Step 5
Take a small slice of pork and fry it fat into an oil shuttle. It tastes better.

Step 6
Boil water in the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt and oil, boil the water, add rape, blanch it, take out the drain and set aside.

Step 7
Then put the carrots and mushrooms in and blanch them, take out the drain and set aside.

Step 8
Start another pot, put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot, put in the meat slices and stir dry.

Step 9
Then pour in green onion, ginger and garlic and saute until fragrant.

Step 10
Add rape and stir fry.

Step 11
Then add carrots and mushrooms and continue to stir fry.

Step 12
Add fans and stir fry.

Step 13
Add some salt, soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Step 14
Finally, stir fry a few more times to get out of the pot.