Fried vegetables with beef


100g beef
80g green beans
20G onion
10g mushroom
80g carrot
Moderate beef sauce


Step 1
Wash all kinds of vegetables, remove the head and tail of peas, tear purple broccoli into pieces by hand, divide mushrooms into four, slice carrots, and cut onions into appropriate sizes for standby;

Step 2
Cut the beef into slices. Be sure to cut it against the texture. It's tender. It's not easy to chew if you cut it along.

Step 3
Marinate beef slices with oil salt, shredded ginger and egg white for about 15 minutes;

Step 4
In a hot oil pan, first fry the beef until it is seven mature, and then set aside;

Step 5
Re heat the oil pan, stir fry the cut vegetables until they are eight mature, add salt and a little beef sauce, stir fry well, pour in the fried beef, and then stir fry until fully cooked.