Today, there is only one celery left in the family. Usually, I don’t eat this kind of iron celery. I feel hard and delicious. I bought it to fry rice noodles. As a result, there is no rice noodles at home, so I fried beef tripe. The taste of iron celery is relatively light, the smell of celery is not as strong as that of native celery, and the taste is also relatively hard. It’s not very delicious to stir fry directly. It’s better to blanch water, Beef tripe with brine has a different taste. Celery is refreshing and beef tripe is chewy. It’s delicious to make wine and vegetables, especially with rice. Guys, when you come to Xinjiang, you must try these special dishes I said!


300g celery
300g stewed tripe
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
1g pepper granules
6 spicy skins


Step 1
Ingredients: 200g celery, 300g stewed tripe and 6 spicy skins

Step 2
Wash the celery, remove the leaves and cut into sections. Soak the spicy skin in hot water for about one minute if you have time. In this way, it is more fragrant and not easy to paste

Step 3
Cut stewed tripe into strips, because it is already stewed, there is no need to add more spices to fry, and the taste is already very good. Cut ginger

Step 4
Put the celery section into the boiling water, blanch and change color, and immediately take it out, about 1 minute, and stir it in the middle. In this way, the heating is more uniform, and the celery is taken out in cold water, which is refreshing, crisp, tender and delicious

Step 5
Cool the oil in a hot pot. The oil is 70% hot. Stir fry the spicy skin, minced ginger and pepper

Step 6
Stir fry celery with blanched water to make it fragrant. Stir fry quickly and evenly

Step 7
Add salt and stir fry evenly. Add salt in advance because the stewed tripe is salty. You can't add salt

Step 8
Add stewed tripe and stir fry evenly. Add raw soy sauce and stir fry until both tripe and celery smell. If it's too dry, add some. If it's not dry, don't add it. I'm hot fried and dry

Step 9
Add chicken essence and stir fry evenly to get out of the pot

Step 10
Celery is fragrant, tripe is refreshing and tenacious. It's especially delicious. It's delicious to drink and eat, especially to entertain guests on New Year's holidays