Fried stuffed tofu


200g pork
A little chicken essence
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
A little old smoke
A little five spice powder


Step 1
Crush the old tofu by hand and pour out the excess water for standby

Step 2
Chop pork into minced meat, add chopped green onion, soy sauce, salt, chicken essence and spiced powder, mix well and set aside

Step 3
Coat the pan with oil and set aside

Step 4
Pinch a little tofu, put it on the palm of your hand, put a little meat stuffing, and then wrap it up

Step 5
When I'm, just go back and forth between the two palms and wrap it up

Step 6
Wrap it up and put it in a greased pot. Wrap it all up and fry it together

Step 7
Fry one side, turn it over slowly and fry the other side

Step 8
After the two sides are fried, add an appropriate amount of water, smoke raw, stew a small amount of old smoke for more than ten minutes, and then collect the juice