1 squid
100g green and red pepper
Half an onion
5g ginger slices
5g scallion
3 G garlic slices
5 ml edible oil
15g dried pepper
8g Pixian bean paste
2G garlic chili sauce
2 grams of raw extract
2G cooked sesame
3 G cumin powder


Step 1
1 squid, visceral fascia removed, sliced with a cross knife and then cut into segments

Step 2
Prepare half a slice of onion, 5g of ginger, 5g of scallion, 3G of garlic and 50g of green and red pepper

Step 3
Boil with water, pour in squid, blanch for 30 seconds and remove

Step 4
Add 5ml of edible oil, 15g of dried pepper, garlic slices, ginger slices, 8g of Pixian bean paste and 2G of minced garlic chili sauce, and burst into fragrance

Step 5
Pour in onion, green and red pepper and squid, add 2G raw extract, 3G cumin powder and 2G cooked sesame, stir fry evenly and serve