When I went to the morning market this morning, I saw that the river shrimp was very fresh and lively. I bought some and fried them with leeks. The taste was very delicious.


400g river shrimp
150g leek
40 g oil
3 g salt
2 g Sugar
2G monosodium glutamate


Step 1
Clean and cut the leeks

Step 2
Wash the river shrimp

Step 3
Put oil in the pot and add ginger slices to saute until fragrant

Step 4
Pour in shrimps

Step 5
Stir fry until the shrimps turn red

Step 6
Add cooking wine and stir well

Step 7
Put it out for standby

Step 8
Add oil to the pot, heat the oil and pour in leeks

Step 9
The leek is a little soft. Put in the small river shrimp

Step 10
Add salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate and stir fry evenly to get out of the pot