The nutritional value of Dutch beans is also relatively high. You can properly eat some rich trace elements, and the content of vitamins is also relatively high. Proper eating is also good for the body. However, if you eat too much for a long time, it is always single. Eating a certain food is not as good as ensuring all kinds of nutrients required by the body. You should adjust your mind, Achieve a comprehensive and balanced nutrition of food or everyone’s cooperation.


150g Dutch beans
100g shrimp
10g garlic
0.5 tablespoon oil
2 tablespoons salt
0.2 tbsp MSG


Step 1
Remove the ends and tendons of fresh Dutch beans and wash them

Step 2
Boil the water in the pot, blanch the lotus beans, and immediately put them into cold water. Wash and drain the water

Step 3
Cut the Dutch beans into filaments

Step 4
Put shrimps into boiling water and cook with cooking wine to remove fishiness

Step 5
Blanch the shrimps in cold water immediately and drain the water for standby

Step 6
Heat the bottom oil in the pan, add garlic and saute until fragrant

Step 7
Add the Dutch beans and stir fry quickly over high heat

Step 8
Add shrimps and stir well. Don't take too long

Step 9
Add salt and monosodium glutamate and stir fry over low heat

Step 10
Stir fry until the Dutch beans and shrimps taste completely. Serve out of the pot

Step 11
The delicious fried shrimps with Holland beans are put on the plate

Step 12
Eat with sausage and fruit

Step 13
Dutch beans are crisp and refreshing in the mouth

Step 14
Shrimp and Dutch beans are very nutritious. Eating them often is good for your health

Step 15
Making nutritious, healthy and delicious food for my family every day is my happiest thing