After being isolated at home for half a month, I endured not buying vegetables. Consuming inventory is also a great test of housewives’ imagination. It’s brain burning to match excellent and fragrant dishes in the case of lack of materials in the refrigerator. Today, the corn peas fried shrimp is a simple nutrient quick dish made from sweet corn, peas and shrimp. It is not ready to use ten minutes from cooking ingredients to Kwai Sai. Although this dish is light, the nutrition does not reduce points, but highlights the original flavor of various ingredients. Sweet corn, fresh shrimps and fresh peas have a very spring flavor, which is suitable for the dietary requirements of slimming and fat reduction after the beginning of spring.


150g peas
150g sweet corn kernels
80g shrimp
3 G ginger
2G salt
2 g starch
10ml edible oil
5g garlic


Step 1
First of all, let's prepare the ingredients needed for this "fried shrimps with corn peas": the corn fried with peas and shrimps is best to use tender sweet corn, because the color is fresh and tender. Eat with green peas and red shrimps, with bright color and sweet taste, which children will like. Sweet corn is also sold in the market in winter. When selecting corn, choose one that is not eaten by insects; For seasonal reasons, if you can't buy fresh green peas, you can also use frozen ones. An appropriate amount of ginger and garlic is used to remove the fishiness of shrimps. Shrimps are used for other dishes. If there is some left, use it to make a fried shrimps with corn peas for children.

Step 2
This dish can't use up a piece of corn. Peel some corn grains by hand, enough to fry a dish. Hand peeled corn kernels will carry corn whiskers. Before cooking, wash the corn kernels and green peas and drain the water. Finally, cut the ginger and garlic into pieces and set aside.

Step 3
Add an appropriate amount of water into the frying pan, boil it over a high fire, blanch the corn and green peas, bring the water to boiling state, blanch the two ingredients for about 1 minute, wait until the corn and peas float, take them out with a leaky spoon and put them into a cold water basin for cooling, alternating cold and heat to make the taste of corn more crisp. The ingredients after blanching can reduce the cooking time and better retain the sweetness and freshness of corn and peas.

Step 4
Remove the corn kernels and green peas in cold water and drain them for standby, because this dish needs to be thickened and fresh, and the color will be more crystal and fresh. So prepare the starch in advance, mix it with an appropriate amount of water into a thin starch juice, and thicken it before coming out of the pot.

Step 5
Heat the middle hot pot until the palm feels hot. Pour an appropriate amount of edible oil into the pot and heat it. When there is light smoke in the pot, pour in the minced ginger and garlic and stir fry, and then pour in the shrimp and stir fry until it changes color.

Step 6
Shrimp can be regarded as a kind of cooked food. It is basically cooked when it turns light pink. Without going out of the pot, it is directly poured into the corn and peas after blanching water and stir fry over high fire. When frying this dish, try to move as fast as possible, because if you fry it for too long, the shrimp meat will be old and not delicious.

Step 7
Stir fry the corn, shrimp and green peas evenly, add an appropriate amount of salt to taste, pour the adjusted starch juice into the pot in circles before leaving the pot, hook a thin layer of sauce for the corn, pea and fried shrimp, stir fry evenly, let the ingredients taste and receive the juice. Thicken is to lock the freshness of the ingredients, and the color is more bright and lustrous. It looks more appetizing.

Step 8
Fried shrimps with low-fat and delicious corn peas are ready. The color is fresh and tender, and the taste is sweet. With a spoon, children like to eat it one spoonful at a time. What about? Does it look super simple? Smart as you are, you can see it. Have time to make a love brand "fried shrimps with corn peas" for your family. No matter how simple the dishes are, they will become more delicious with the taste of love.