My son didn’t like shrimp since childhood. Therefore, in order to balance his nutrition, I would chop shrimp meat, make dumplings, boil balls, or stir fry with his favorite green celery, so that he wouldn’t be picky about food. This time, the fried shrimps with celery were made with mustard seed olive oil from Evergrande Xing’an. My son ate very delicious. Mustard oil not only contains monounsaturated fatty acids, but also rich in essential fatty acids – linolenic acid and sub linolenic acid. These two fatty acids cannot be synthesized by the human body and need to be ingested from food. The vitamin content of natural and pure mustard oil is 73.8mg/100g. Different from other edible oils, vitamin E of mustard oil is naturally formed and not added. This nutritious good oil is recommended.


250g shrimp
250g celery
2 colored peppers
2G salt
5g cooking wine
2G pepper oil
20G olive oil
3 cloves garlic


Step 1
Wash the material for standby;

Step 2
Marinate the dried shrimps with cooking wine and pepper oil for standby;

Step 3
Slice garlic and set aside;

Step 4
Cut celery into sections and dice colored pepper for standby;

Step 5
Diced shrimps for standby;

Step 6
Pour an appropriate amount of olive oil into the pot and heat it;

Step 7
Put the garlic in the pot and stir it out of flavor;

Step 8
Stir fry shrimps to change color;

Step 9
Pour in celery and stir fry;

Step 10
Add salt and stir fry well. Add colored pepper and continue to stir fry for a few times before leaving the pot.