The impression should be around 2005. At that time, the typhoon shelter dishes were particularly popular, and among them, the fried shrimp in the typhoon shelter was the most famous, because the shrimp skin was burnt, crisp and tender, and the shrimp meat was delicious, which was welcomed and affirmed by many people.


300g shrimp
5g salt
1 small piece of ginger
4 cloves garlic
3 dried peppers
4G cooking wine
A little starch
1 small handful of bread bran
12g vegetable oil
A little pepper


Step 1
Cut off the whiskers from the fresh shrimp, cut it from the back of the shrimp, remove the sand line, and then wash it and drain the water

Step 2
Marinated shrimp with starch and pepper for 20 minutes. After salting, decant the water from the shrimp. Heat the oil in a pot (the oil can be a little more than the usual fried vegetables), burn it to 70% heat, and then fry the shrimp until it changes color completely. Cut dried pepper into small pieces, ginger and garlic into small pieces

Step 3
In another pot, heat the oil, put dry pepper, ginger and garlic, fry over low heat until fragrant, and then put bread bran to fry until golden. Then stir fry the shrimp and fried bread bran together, and sprinkle some scallion before coming out of the pot