There are two pieces of fried lunch meat at home. The child said he didn’t want to eat it, so I’ll fry potatoes directly. It feels good and doesn’t waste food materials.


2 potatoes
2 pieces of lunch meat
1 garlic leaf
Appropriate amount of oil, salt and white vinegar.


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients.

Step 2
Shred the lunch meat and stir fry until the oil comes out.

Step 3
Peel and shred potatoes. Drain and set aside.

Step 4
Put the shredded potatoes with controlled water into the pot and stir fry.

Step 5
Season with a little salt.

Step 6
Add white vinegar before coming out of the pot.

Step 7
At the same time, shred the garlic leaves and put them into the pot.

Step 8
In this way, a lunch meat is fried with shredded potatoes.