Day lily, also known as Hemerocallis or day lily, is mostly dry on the market. Parents planted a row outside the small vegetable garden. Many flower buds grew in June and July. You can pick a plate every three or five times. Day lily tastes fresh, tender and nutritious. Cao’er is lucky to taste the natural pure green delicacy planted by his parents.


1 handful of day lily
100g pork
15g oil
1g salt
15g cooking wine
3 G raw extract
1 red pepper


Step 1
Prepare the day lily, pork and pepper, wash and shred the pork.

Step 2
Shred pork, add soy sauce and cooking wine and mix well.

Step 3
Boil water in the pot, pour in the golden needle, blanch and remove.

Step 4
Wash and shred the pepper, rinse the day lily with water several times, drain the water and set aside.

Step 5
Heat the oil in the pot and smooth the shredded pork.

Step 6
Heat the oil in the pan and stir fry the pepper until soft.

Step 7
Pour in the day lily and stir well.

Step 8
Season with salt.

Step 9
Pour in shredded meat, add appropriate amount of salt, raw and stir to taste.