Celery is delicious and nutritious.


300g celery
150g pork
25 ml oil
4 g salt
1 pepper
1 tbsp soy sauce


Step 1
Wash the celery, cut it off and set aside.

Step 2
Wash the meat, shred, slice the chili, chop the green onion and set aside.

Step 3
Put oil in the pot, wait for the oil to boil, put in the cut shredded meat and stir fry until the shredded meat changes color.

Step 4
When the shredded meat turns white, add scallions and stir fry a few times.

Step 5
Stir fry the minced green onion until fragrant, add the soy sauce and color the shredded meat evenly.

Step 6
After the shredded meat is evenly colored, add the cut celery and stir fry until sixty-seven is mature.

Step 7
When the celery is cooked, add pepper and salt and continue to stir fry until it is cooked.

Step 8
When the celery is ripe, add enough salt, and you can enjoy it.