Today, the protagonist of this dish is a sea rabbit from Weihai, Shandong. After treatment, the little guy is as white as jade.


1 plate of sea hare
Half an onion
1 pepper
A handful of leeks
Proper oil
A little salt
3 g white pepper
A little soy sauce


Step 1
The sea hare removes its internal organs, tears off the black film outside, and washes it clean with water, as white as jade;

Step 2
Side dishes are ready: half an onion, a pepper and a handful of leeks;

Step 3
Shred chili, onion and leek; If there is red pepper, it looks better;

Step 4
Separate the head and body of the sea hare, and split the body in half, which is conducive to maturity and taste;

Step 5
Heat the frying pan. After the pan is hot, pour an appropriate amount of oil. When the oil is 70 or 80% hot, pour the sea rabbit into the pan and stir fry quickly. Soon, the sea rabbit will shrink slightly and produce soup;

Step 6
At this time, pour shredded pepper, shredded onion and leek into the pot, continue to use high fire, and stir evenly; These dishes can remove the fishy smell and add fragrance. The taste is crisp and tender. Even if they are eaten raw, they can be fried in the pot in order to penetrate the fragrance into the soup and make the sea rabbit taste hard;

Step 7
Pour in an appropriate amount of white pepper; One of the major seasonings of seafood is white pepper, which has the effect of removing fishiness, refreshing and expelling cold;

Step 8
Sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt, pour a little soy sauce, stir fry a few times, turn off the fire and put on a plate. The dish with soup is crisp and tender. It is delicious to soak rice in soup or dip steamed bread in soup.