Flower roll is a classic home pasta. It can be made into salt and pepper, sesame paste, scallion oil and other flavors. It is nutritious, delicious and simple. The following practice is made by frying sesame oil. Sesame oil itself has a special flavor. Eating it often is very good for people’s health. In addition, because it is fried, the flower roll is not only soft and palatable, but also burnt yellow and crisp at the bottom, which has a unique flavor.


500g flour
3 g salt
6 g yeast powder
20ml sesame oil
250g water


Step 1
Mix the yeast powder with water, stir well, let it stand for a moment, then pour it into the flour, knead it until the surface of the dough is smooth, cover it with fresh-keeping film and start to wake up

Step 2
Wake up to twice the volume of the original dough

Step 3
Sprinkle a little thin flour on the panel, then take the dough out of the basin, knead until the surface is smooth, and then stand for 10 minutes

Step 4
Roll the dough open, and then pour in an appropriate amount of sesame oil, as shown in the figure

Step 5
After brushing the sesame oil, sprinkle a little salt and dry flour

Step 6
Roll the dough from the inside out into a large roll

Step 7
Cut the large roll into small dosage forms of the same size, then fold the two small dosage forms together, stretch them gently and roll them slightly to make a flower roll

Step 8
Put an appropriate amount of sesame oil on the electric cake pan, put the flower rolls on it one by one, and then pour in about 20ml of warm water

Step 9
Cover the pot and heat it for about 10 minutes. Fry the flower roll with golden bottom

Step 10
Finished product drawing

Step 11
Finished product drawing