Fried rolls in water


soy sauce
monosodium glutamate
Chicken essence
five-spice powder
White pepper
Sesame oil


Step 1
Mix 40 ℃ warm water + sugar + yeast powder together. It's better to wait for yeast powder to precipitate and fully mix with water( A small amount of white sugar is to make the yeast easier to ferment, and yeast powder is added in proportion according to the packaging instructions.)

Step 2
Pour the warm water into the flour slowly. Knead the flour while pouring. When you see that the flour gradually turns into flakes, it means that the water is enough.

Step 3
Continue to knead the dough to make it smooth, subject to non stick hands. Put it in a moist and warm place and wait for fermentation. About 1 hour, wait for the dough to ferment to about 1 times the size

Step 4
Cut vegetables, cut meat, because it is completely manual DIY, so the meat is not as delicate as minced meat, but it adds more taste.

Step 5
Add soy sauce, five spice powder, white pepper, chicken essence, cooking wine, sesame oil, salt, raw powder and 1 egg. Stir well( If the vegetables are too watery, squeeze them into the water before mixing them.)

Step 6
It's better to use a pan, put half of the oil in the pan, start a low heat, and put the fried dumplings and rolls in. It doesn't matter if they are close to each other.

Step 7
After a meeting, add clear water. The water should be less than the half of the bag. Then cover the cover, turn to high heat, and fry until the water is dry. Try not to lift the cover in the middle of the meeting, but be careful not to make it paste. When the water is dry, turn to low heat, fry until the water is dry, and the bottom of the bag is golden yellow.