I especially want to eat the pot rice. I remember the smell of the pot and the “eat” sound when I stir it.


100g rice
80g sausage
1 egg
50g green vegetables
30g oil
20G soy sauce
3 G oyster sauce
10g fish sauce
2 g salt
4 g Sugar
4G Meiji delicious juice


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients

Step 2
Wash the rice, put it in clear water and soak it for half an hour

Step 3
Blanch the sausage and slice it

Step 4
Blanch and cool the vegetables. Put a little oil and salt in the blanching water. It will not only add flavor to the vegetables, but also make the color brighter

Step 5
The bottom of steamed rice pot is covered with thin layer of oil. Put the steamed rice and hot water (1:1.2 to the ratio of rice and water) into the sand pot. After the big fire is fired, turn it into a small fire. During the period, observe the change in the pot. When the rice will absorb the water, use the small spoon to sprinkle the remaining oil along the edge of the pot and the rice.

Step 6
When the sound of "chichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichichi

Step 7
Sauce: 20g soy sauce, 4G Meiji flavor juice, 3G oyster sauce, 10g Weilu (or fish sauce), 2G salt, 4G sugar

Step 8
Put in the green vegetables, drizzle with the sauce, cover and simmer for 3 minutes