This kind of fried rice is like a kind of women’s paper. Its typical appearance is soft and its heart is hot. Haha, the highlight of fried rice must be wild pepper (pickled pepper or Chaotian pepper made from wild pepper). It can be served with sausaged diced beef, minced beef, seasoning only salt and MSG. At first glance, you will feel very clear and cool. In fact, you have been confused by its surface, A big bite will make you sweat. You can use it as your alternative heating method.


1 bowl of rice
2 wild peppers
1 ham sausage
1 Chaotian pepper
2 g salt
1g MSG
2 teaspoons vegetable oil


Step 1
Diced ham, chopped wild pepper, I also made some Chaotian pepper ring

Step 2
Add oil in the pan and stir fry the pepper first

Step 3
Saute the diced ham for a while

Step 4
Put in the rice, small fire slowly fried, my rice that day is a little soft, will see Ha, fried flavor

Step 5
Finally, add salt, chicken essence seasoning stir fry, out of the pot