My son doesn’t like the feeling of oil dripping when eating fried rice. He always reminds me that there should not be too much oil and that it should be dry and fragrant enough. The fried rice with dried radish and chicken leg with elastic teeth meets his requirements very much. He uses crispy dried radish and fried rice with carrots. Every grain of rice absorbs the taste of fresh chicken and dried radish. There are meat and vegetables, delicious and delicious, My son ate nothing left. When he came home at night, he told me that he was very energetic after eating fried rice today, and he didn’t feel tired and sleepy


20G dried radish
1 chicken leg
20G carrot
5g coriander
5g ginger
10g salad oil
5g coriander
1g salt
5g oyster sauce
1g pepper


Step 1
For each material, the chicken leg is peeled, boned and cut into small pieces, the dried radish is soaked in water to remove excess salt, and the carrot is cut into small pieces

Step 2
Marinate chicken leg meat in oyster sauce, salt and sugar for 10 minutes

Step 3
In a hot pot, heat the salad oil, saute ginger slices, put chicken and dried radish

Step 4
Saute the chicken until it turns color and gives off its flavor

Step 5
Pour in cold rice and stir fry over medium heat

Step 6
Stir fry rice and add carrot pieces

Step 7
Sprinkle a little salt (dried radish and chicken taste, or no salt)

Step 8
Add coriander and scallion, stir fry all the ingredients thoroughly and turn off the heat

Step 9
Energy fried rice is online. After eating it, you are full of energy. Have you learned it