Walnuts are one of the common brain healthy ingredients. Often eating walnuts for children can replenish the brain and enhance memory. There are many ways to eat walnuts. In addition to eating them directly, they can be used to cook porridge, rice paste, soybean milk or make other drinks. They can also be added to biscuits, cakes or bread to make all kinds of desserts. It’s the first time to use it to make fried rice. It’s very fresh for me. After deep frying, walnuts are particularly crispy. Using them with fresh and tender diced chicken to make fried rice makes people have endless aftertaste. This fried rice can strengthen the body and brain. It can promote the healthy growth of children. It is especially suitable for children.


1 bowl of rice
2 chicken breasts
30g California walnut (dry)
5g scallion
10g starch
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
10ml cooking wine
A little salt
A little ginger juice


Step 1
Prepare the raw materials and chop the walnuts in advance

Step 2
Wash the chicken breast, remove the fascia, cut into small pieces, and marinate with salt, ginger juice, starch and cooking wine for 10 minutes

Step 3
Put walnuts into the oil pan, fry out the fragrance, remove and drain the oil

Step 4
Put the marinated diced chicken into the hot oil, smooth through and remove

Step 5
Pour oil into the frying pan until 60% hot, saute scallions, stir fry diced chicken

Step 6
Add rice and walnuts and stir well. Season with salt