Recently, I like to eat New Year cakes. I like both boiled and fried soup, such as fried shredded carrot. New Year cakes absorb the light sweetness of carrots. They are soft and waxy and delicious. They are very delicious!


150g rice cake
1 carrot
50g pork
2 peppers
3 G ginger


Step 1
Slice rice cake;

Step 2
From the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of water, boil the rice cake slices, boil them soft, and take out the cold water;

Step 3
Cut ginger, pepper, carrot and meat into shreds and slices respectively for standby;

Step 4
Heat oil in a pot and pour in pepper, ginger and shredded meat;

Step 5
Stir well, pour in a little cooking wine until the meat changes color;

Step 6
Pour in shredded carrots;

Step 7
Keep stirring until soft, pour in half a bowl of water;

Step 8
Pour in rice cake slices;

Step 9
Stir well, pour in soy sauce, oyster sauce and chicken essence;

Step 10
Simmer over low heat to collect the juice, transfer in an appropriate amount of salt, turn and mix evenly, and then come out of the pot;