Fried buns are a special snack in Shanghai, Zhejiang and other regions. I am most impressed by the fried buns in Shanghai. I often see them on TV. They have crisp skin, thick juice and delicious meat. The traditional fried buns are filled with pork and meat skin jelly. This time, the fried buns have been slightly improved. The dough is added with pumpkin mud, the meat skin jelly is replaced with thick soup treasure, and some carrots are added, The taste is also very good. The filling at the crisp bottom is tender and the skin is soft ~ there is a strong pumpkin flavor. It has a unique flavor! Golden color, also feel particularly festive!


260g pumpkin
400g self hair powder
30g fine granulated sugar
10g vegetable oil
200g lean and fat pork
Half a carrot
20G scallion
10g ginger
1 cup of water
A little sesame
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 teaspoon raw soy sauce
A little pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1 thick soup treasure


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients, peel the pumpkin and cut it into small pieces.

Step 2
After steaming the pumpkin, add fine sugar while it is hot.

Step 3
Press the pumpkin into mud with a spoon and let it warm.

Step 4
Add pumpkin puree and 10g vegetable oil.

Step 5
Knead into smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap and wake up for half an hour.

Step 6
Prepare fried dumpling stuffing, mashed pork, carrots, garlic, chopped ginger, thick soup and diced pork.

Step 7
Add all the fillings together, add a little salt, soy sauce and pepper.

Step 8
Stir the stuffing until it is strong.

Step 9
Wake up the dough, divide it into 16 equal parts and knead it round.

Step 10
Take a dough, flatten it, and roll it into a round piece with thin sides and thick middle with a rolling pin.

Step 11
Put the filling in the middle of the dough.

Step 12
Pinch the pleats into a steamed stuffed bun shape. After wrapping them all, cover them with fresh-keeping film and wake up for half an hour.

Step 13
Brush the pot with a layer of vegetable oil and heat it over medium heat.

Step 14
Put the steamed stuffed bun into the pot and fry until the bottom of the steamed stuffed bun is slightly shaped.

Step 15
Add a glass of water.

Step 16
Cover and simmer over low heat for about ten minutes.

Step 17
Stew until the water is dry, add a tablespoon of vegetable oil, fry the bottom of the steamed stuffed bun, sprinkle with scallion and sesame, and then come out of the pot.