Fried pork in curry is really delicious and delicious. The marinade is also very simple. It is only marinated with some simple materials such as curry powder, mixed with sesame, fried in Xiaoxu’s oil until it is burnt and coated with honey. It’s a bit like Korean barbecue. I don’t bother to start the oven and fry it in a non stick pan. The effect is the same. If I go out for barbecue, I can also marinate meat in curry powder and roast it over carbon fire, Someone is definitely trying to eat with you


350g streaky pork
15g garlic
10g coriander
10g cooked white sesame
10g honey
20G salad oil
15g curry powder
10g oyster sauce
10g soy sauce
2 g salt


Step 1
Curry fried pork main material

Step 2
After slicing pork, add curry powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and other seasonings

Step 3
When the seasoning and streaky pork are well mixed, add oil and cooked white sesame, and then mix well

Step 4
Heat the non stick pot, add a small amount of salad oil, saute garlic, and put the pickled curry streaky pork into the pot one by one

Step 5
Fry the curry pork on both sides with a small torch until it is a little burnt yellow

Step 6
Sweep some honey on each piece of meat, fry it for a while, and turn off the fire

Step 7
Put the curry sliced pork in it, sprinkle the fragrant white sesame and coriander, and you can eat it