Cauliflower is a popular vegetable with delicious taste, high nutritional value and high medicinal value. It is rich in vitamin C and folic acid. It also has anti-cancer effect, value and disease prevention effect, far beyond other vegetables, ranking first. In recent years, its sister broccoli has been very popular. In fact, broccoli has the same nutrition and function except that the content of carotene is higher than that of cauliflower.


Half cauliflower
50g pork
5g black fungus
50ml oil
3 g salt baking powder
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
Appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate


Step 1
Break the cauliflower into small flowers, soak it in a little salt water for a while, wash it, and cut the meat into thin slices

Step 2
Add cooking wine, ginger powder and salt and mix well

Step 3
Add a spoonful of oil and mix well. Marinate for more than 15 minutes

Step 4
Wash green and red peppers and cut into pieces

Step 5
Put oil in the pot, pour in green and red pepper and stir fry

Step 6
Quickly pour in the marinated meat slices, scatter them, change color and serve

Step 7
Put a little oil in the pot and pour in cauliflower

Step 8
Add black fungus to soak hair and wash

Step 9
Add a little water

Step 10
Add some salt and stir well, cover and cook for about two or three minutes until the cauliflower is slightly soft

Step 11
Pour in green and red pepper and meat slices and stir well

Step 12
Add a little monosodium glutamate