The fried meat slices with green peppers are delicious because of the addition of Douchi. It’s very special. Make it as soon as you like.


1 piece of plum meat
2 green peppers
1 handful of black bean sauce
A little onion and ginger
2-lobed octagonal
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce
A little cooking wine
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
A little corn starch
A little corn oil
A little salt


Step 1
First prepare the main ingredients, slice the pork, add shredded ginger, cooking wine, a little salt and starch, and then pour half a teaspoon of oil into it, and marinate it for 10 minutes.

Step 2
Wash the green pepper and cut it into pieces. Heat the wok and pour oil. Stir fry the green pepper for a few times and then take it out for standby.

Step 3
Add a little oil into the frying pan, add star anise to saute until fragrant, fry the meat slices until the color turns white, and add Douchi.

Step 4
Stir fry black bean sauce until fragrant. Add soy sauce and oyster sauce until the meat slices spit out the oil. At this time, add green pepper and the heat is just right.

Step 5
Add green pepper and stir fry a few times. Take out the pot and serve. A very homely dish.