Catechu tastes crisp and has high nutritional value. It is not only rich in plant protein and a variety of vitamins, but also rich in trace element calcium


300g catechu
Proper amount of pork
2 cloves garlic
2 dried peppers
A little salt
Proper soy sauce
Proper cooking wine
A little sauce
Appropriate amount of edible oil


Step 1
The ingredients are ready: pork, vegetables, garlic, dried pepper

Step 2
Clean the vegetables

Step 3
Slice with a knife

Step 4
Peel the garlic, cut the pepper and set aside

Step 5
Wash and slice pork

Step 6
Put the sliced meat into the soup bowl

Step 7
Add an appropriate amount of cooking wine

Step 8
Appropriate amount of soy sauce

Step 9
Marinate with a little sauce for more than half an hour

Step 10
Heat in an oil pan and stir fry garlic and pepper until fragrant

Step 11
Stir the ingredients until fragrant, then put the meat slices into the pot

Step 12
Stir fry until the meat changes color

Step 13
Vegetables pour in

Step 14
Stir fry for a while

Step 15
Add a little salt

Step 16
A little sauce

Step 17
Finally, stir fry evenly and taste well