It’s cold. Eat less pork and eat more. It’s only 10 yuan a kilogram. It’s high in protein and low in fat. The whole family is in good health!


Two pieces of skin
Several green peppers
A handful of fungus
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt
Two onions
A few drops of cooking wine
A few slices of ginger


Step 1
After blanching the whole piece of meat skin in the pot, scrape the white grease inside with a knife. The white grease is all grease. The cleaner it is scraped, the more refreshing it tastes.

Step 2
Cut the processed skin into strips one finger wide.

Step 3
Put it into a bowl, add a little salt, scallion and ginger, add three times of water, steam in a steamer for 20 minutes, and steam the meat skin soft.

Step 4
Soak black fungus in water, remove the pedicle and clean it.

Step 5
After filtering the steamed meat skin, control it to dry and set aside. Don't waste the water of steamed meat skin. Add some salt and vegetables and freeze it up to be a delicious meat skin jelly.

Step 6
Put oil in the pot, heat it, pour in green pepper slices and fry until slightly soft.

Step 7
Pour in the processed black fungus and stir well.

Step 8
Add the steamed meat skin and stir fry evenly.

Step 9
Pour in a little raw soy sauce, season with salt, stir well, and then you can come out of the pot. Delicate, soft and waxy, both the elderly and children like it.