Fried pork


500g pork
1 / 2 spoon chicken essence
Moderate amount of ginger
Appropriate amount of garlic
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Right amount of red pepper
Right amount of Chaotian pepper
Appropriate amount of garlic sprouts
1 tablespoon chopped pepper
Moderate amount of blended oil


Step 1
Wash and slice pork, cut green pepper and red pepper, green onion, garlic and ginger;

Step 2
Heat up the pan, pour in a little oil, heat up the oil, add ginger and garlic and saute until fragrant;

Step 3
Pour in sliced pork;

Step 4
Stir fry until streaky pork changes color, add garlic;

Step 5
Stir fry evenly, add green pepper and red pepper;

Step 6
Continue to stir well, add chopped pepper;

Step 7
Add fresh soy sauce;

Step 8
Add a little chicken essence and stir well.