I’m an old mother of two babies. I usually like to study all kinds of nutritional and health supplements and children’s meals for babies. Now that the big baby goes to kindergarten, I finally make some time to sort out the supplements I have made for the baby. If I can’t think of what to eat for the baby, I’ll be private: fushi1025, we communicate with each other, maybe the inspiration will come


1 onion
1 Auricularia auricula
3 pieces of rape
1 egg
15g starch
Proper amount of salt
Proper camellia oil


Step 1
Food preparation

Step 2
Cut onion and rape, soak agaric in boiling water and cut several knives (after boiling water, soak it in cold water, and then grab and wash it with salt water).

Step 3
Clean the onions and cut them horizontally into thin slices about 0.5cm wide.

Step 4
Beat the eggs one by one.

Step 5
Scoop a spoonful of egg paste into the onion ring and turn it down all the way. Bake until the egg paste starts to solidify, turn the onion rings over and continue to bake for 2-3 minutes.

Step 6
The baked onion is not spicy. A round circle is very attractive. Drizzle some homemade ketchup. It's another beautiful meal