Fried mushroom is a famous dish of Han nationality, which is of Shandong cuisine. It is a kind of food in daily life, and the main ingredient is Pleurotus ostreatus. Golden color, crisp and delicious, tonifying stomach, nourishing yin and moistening dryness


Proper amount of Pleurotus ostreatus
An egg
Two spoonfuls of flour
A spoonful of raw powder
A teaspoon of salt
Two chives


Step 1
Pleurotus ostreatus ready

Step 2
Pick out impurities, clean them up, and then rinse them slowly with clean water

Step 3
The dried oyster mushroom is torn into strips by hand, and the water is squeezed out by hand. If the water is too large, the fried product is not crisp enough

Step 4
Flour and starch mixture, the ratio is about 2:1, this ratio is also very important, mushroom fried crisp, but also with the proportion of flour

Step 5
Add an egg, and the right amount of salt, slowly add water, stirring into a more viscous but mobile state

Step 6
As shown in the picture

Step 7
Put the dried mushrooms into the batter and stir well to make them hang on the batter evenly

Step 8
Heat the oil pan and fry the mushrooms. After frying, take out the mushrooms, drain the oil, and then re fry them in the oil pan. After re frying, the mushrooms will become very crispy, and the greasy ones will not be greasy, although they are fried food

Step 9
When frying, you can choose a small milk pot to fry in batches, which is more fuel-efficient. It is not recommended to reuse the fried oil. If you want to use it, you can use it to make cold dishes. Reheating will increase the risk of cancer