Garlic moss contains capsaicin. Its bactericidal ability can reach one tenth of that of penicillin. It has a good killing effect on pathogens and parasites. It can prevent influenza, wound infection and insect repellent


500g garlic moss
100g pork
Half a spoonful of salt
3 shallots
Half tablespoon rapeseed oil
Half a tablespoon is delicious


Step 1
Remove the old stem of garlic moss, wash it and dice it for standby

Step 2
Dice scallion fat meat and lean meat

Step 3
Pour a little oil into the pot and stir fry the fat meat until dry

Step 4
After the fat meat is boiled dry, add diced lean meat and stir fry, and then add half a tablespoon of green onion and delicious soy sauce

Step 5
Pour in diced garlic and stir fry evenly

Step 6
Add salt after cutting

Step 7
Then stir fry for a moment and you can start the pot

Step 8
We must spoon this dish with a spoon. It tastes great

Step 9
Get a spoonful and put it on the rice. It's really delicious