Before I went to Guangdong with my friends, I ate fried milk in a dessert shop. My friends never forget it, but I can’t buy it here. If you want to say it, you can make it yourself


A box of pure milk
Proper amount of raw powder
Appropriate amount of soft sugar
A big bowl of oil


Step 1
Milk into the bowl, add the right amount of sugar and flour, flour is about one tenth of the amount of milk, sugar like dessert more, do not like too sweet less. Stir well until there are no particles in the milk.

Step 2
I don't have a milk pot, so I use a non stick pot. I need a low heat and keep stirring to avoid the paste. When the milk doesn't flow, I can put it in a small box in front of me. When it's cool, put it in the refrigerator for about an hour, then it solidifies.

Step 3
After it solidifies, pour it out and cut into similar pieces.

Step 4
Then release the powder and roll it in a circle. When the oil is hot, fry it in the oil pan. If you don't like the thick skin, you can omit this step and fry it directly.

Step 5
One side is fried well and then turned over to make it completely fried. It's ready to go