Spring cold homemade mutton roll, 5 tips to easily stir fry delicious barbecue in an iron pot.


350g mutton
1 onion


Step 1
After the mutton is bought back, roll it into a meat roll with a film and freeze it in the freezer for more than 5 hours (it needs to be frozen thoroughly)

Step 2
When thawing, be sure to soak in cold water (do not thaw naturally, avoid thawing on the outside and no melting inside)

Step 3
In the process of soaking cold water, you should constantly touch it with your hand. As long as you can cut it, you can cut it quickly. Mutton slices should not be cut too thick, otherwise the fiber will not be soft and tender after cutting (about a coin thick, a little thinner is OK)

Step 4
Soak the sliced mutton in clear water. Be sure to soak it in bleeding water before controlling it to dry

Step 5
Put 5g fermented bean curd, 5g fish sauce, 2G salt and 2G braised soy sauce into mutton for color enhancement

Step 6
Pour in 5g sesame oil and shake well (no more than 3 minutes)

Step 7
Heat the pot, cool the oil and put the oil into the mutton slices

Step 8
Stir fry over high heat until the meat changes color

Step 9
As long as the color does not wait for the soup, add scallions and coriander immediately

Step 10
As soon as the green onion seedling collapses, turn off the fire and get out of the pot immediately